Episode 2: The "Anti-Diet" Diet with Jocelyn Zahn

002_ The Anti-Diet Diet with Jocelyn Zahn

Pizza for example is not inherently bad. From my perspective that is just giving the pizza so much power and I just feel that the power should be with the individual Click To Tweet

In this episode, we talk with holistic health coach Jocelyn Zahn on her journey from orthorexia and into self-love. She also shares her struggles with depression and how she manages her mental health holistically.

Some highlights include:

  • How to help a friend with orthorexia or how to start helping yourself if you think you may have it
  • Why wellness and health looks different for everyone
  • How to help another friend with depression
  • How can someone who doesn’t have a mental illness  be an advocate for mental illness

Our bodies can handle a lot more than we give them credit for. Click To Tweet

People are bioindividual. Everyone is different. One person’s food is another person’s poison. Click To Tweet

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