Episode 4: Faith through Divorce with Dr. Liz Blomstedt

004_ Faith through Divorce w Dr. Liz Blomstedt

Dr. Liz Blomstedt is one of my very best friends who also happens to be brilliantly minded in faith, life, and love. In this episode we talk about:

Liz’s story- divorce, faith, coming into her own, finishing a PhD program

4:45 Moving to a new city when you know no one and finding new friends and choosing your friend group intentionally

6:20 Would you recommend anyone move to a city that they know no one? Bravery

Bravery is sometimes a conscious choice, and sometimes it's the only choice Click To Tweet

9:30 Losing friends, finding your true tribe (even if they don’t agree with what you’re doing)

11:15 Backstory about Christianity- Alli admitting she is judgmental, some people may not think she’s a Christian

12:45 Maintaining Christian faith through a divorce - Liz had to define faith for herself for the first time

14:25 Confidence in seeking answers for self within faith

Shame never teaches anyone anything...shame over sex before marriage...shame over divorce...recognizing that we’ve all fallen short and we all need grace + forgiveness Click To Tweet

Choices are right for you in the moment, and you learn something from them Click To Tweet

19:00 Our mutual love of Glennon Doyle

23:00 Sarah Bessey- “Jesus Feminist” Churches should be made up of different people with different beliefs

24:00 how to find a church when you feel like you don’t fit in at any of them

25:00 Rachel Held Evans- Searching for Sunday - how to be a liberal christian

30:00 recommendations for someone considering a divorce. Cheryl Strayed advice column- “Tiny Beautiful Things” 

33:00 Choosing to tell the story for yourself

34:30 Advice on how to know if your partner is the one

37:00 Getting married because that’s what everyone else is doing

41:30 when to know if you’re ready to get married

41:45 how can a friend support another friend through a divorce

44:30 how is the church treating women

46:30 Masculine energy from the church, anti-emotionality

48:00 So many instances of women being told to forgive being used as an excuse to not talk about larger issues

51:00 advice for someone struggling in their faith and disillusioned with the church

God uses imperfect people including you and including people in churches that hurt you Click To Tweet

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