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Journey to Healing: A 7 Day Journal Challenge

Ready to let go of a pain that has been aching in your heart? Join me on a 7 -day guided journal challenge where we delve deep into the pain, let the wound breathe, and journey towards healing together.

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Heal from the Hookups E-Book

Do you crave a deep emotional connection with your partner, but keep finding yourself in the arms of a hookup?

Are you tired of settling for superficial physical connections and finally want something real?

In my JUICY e-book I dive into how I went from shame and guilt over hookups to confidence and happiness, ultimately finding my lifelong partner along the way.

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Meditation for Healing

Are you ready to release, let go, and live at peace?

Do you want more love, joy, and fulfillment in your life?

Meditation helps us to see our stories just as they are- stories; not life altering testaments to our self-worth.

If you're new to meditation or committed to a regular practice, this 6 minute guide will help you to let go, move on, and heal.

Meditation for Healing
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