Heal from the Hookups

Who I Created the Hookup Series For…

I created this for the girl who really wants a relationship.

I created this for the girl who keeps settling for a hookup even though she wants a lasting, fulfilling relationship.

I created this for the girl who is tired of playing games.

I created this for the girl who is DONE with the douches.

I created this for 5 years ago…

After the trauma, I ran into the arms of guys who gave me attention, made me feel pretty, but never wanted more than a hookup. I wrote this as things I wish I knew then.

I did not create this for the girl who is happy just hooking up.

I did not create this for the girl who doesn’t want a relationship.

I did not create this for the girl who already has a happy, healthy relationship.

No offense or judgement to the girls above, you are just not who I created this for.

If you think you are someone who needs to here this message...keep reading...cuz it's about to get LIT with truth bombs.

I am writing and recording this because I have seen way too many women continue hooking up even though it’s not what they want. The reasons vary, but they all seem the same: trapped. Trapped into this cycle because they think this is the way to achieve the love they desire. On top of that, they feel shame for hooking up without commitment, so they don’t talk about it, and if they do, they don’t tell the whole truth about the experience.

I’m here to start the conversation. Hooking up is not taboo- it is a cultural phenomenon. Everyone is either doing it or knows someone who is. So why is this something we don’t talk about? Why are the emotional implications never discussed?

Personally, I have spent many years of my early twenties hooking up with guys who I thought would eventually want to date me. I gave so much time and energy to them hoping they would want a relationship from me.

None of them did, not surprisingly. I wasn’t respecting or loving my sacred time, energy, and body. How could I expect a guy to respect and love me if I wasn’t even loving myself? Now I see that when I love and respect myself, I give others permission to do the same. My hope for this video and accompanying ebook is that women like you, who picked this up for a reason, will learn to love and respect themselves before they desire or expect that from a man.

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Today’s topic is filling the space

When you are hooking up with someone, without a relationship, you are filling the space in your life that could be open for your ideal relationship.

You are spending your time worried about what he’s doing, if he’s hooking up with someone else, why he’s not texting you.

You are giving him your time, your emotional energy, and your physical body.

As women, we absolutely have every right to do whatever we want with our bodies.

But if we want a relationship, why are we continuing to hookup?

Why are we continuing to settle for surface-level physical connections when our bodies, minds, and spirits are craving deep life altering intimacy?

When we have the courage to step away from a hookup and allow the space that he was feeling to be empty, we open ourselves up to our ideal relationship.

Now I know that “empty” space feeling is not super fun. I know that empty space you now have in your life feels lonely and it’s easier to just text him, run back to him, or find another hookup to fill the space.

But just wait. Fill your life with things that make you happy.

Do what you’ve always wanted to do. Eat well, nourish your body, move freely, take that yoga class. Love yourself.

When you love yourself, you give others permission to do the same.

So today’s challenge for you is to allow that space that was once filled by a hookup to be empty.

Know that it’s okay to be lonely. Know that its normal and it will pass soon. Spend lots of time with friends and doing things you love. This too shall pass.

Our next video talks about the 3 reasons why we are hooking up. Stay tuned.

In the meantime head on over to the free gifts and sign up for my free e-book which gives you even more tools to heal from the hookups and manifest your ideal relationship.

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