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Let's Talk About Games

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If you’re reading this post, and you’ve been alive for at least 5 minutes, you’ve probably been played by someone before…

Now let’s be clear about what “playing the game” is. It’s a pathetic attempt at an ego boost. It’s the “I’m going to wait 4 hours to text him back because he waited 3 hours to text me back” bullshit.

If you want a healthy relationship with someone, you’re going to have to get rid of your desire to serve your ego.

Our egos were created as a way to protect us. We didn’t start dating this way, it happened somewhere along the way. After being hurt, or having our naivety taken advantage of, we put up walls and play games to avoid getting hurt.

But games are just that, games, sometimes we lose. And if you are playing games with men, you are going to get a man who plays the game as well. 

So drop the games. Drop the desire to be the one in control. A healthy relationship is a partnership- with both persons giving up control regularly. And that starts when you date...that battle for power starts the moment you meet the person.

Now if you find a guy who is just taking advantage of you. Who is using your kindness to play HIS game and satisfy HIS ego, run as fast as you can sister. That is not a guy you want in your life. His ego will never be satisfied.

So ladies and gentlemen, drop the games. Just be real and own your story. Own if you want a hookup. Own if you want a relationship. And express that. 5 minutes of bravery will save you a lot of heartbreak.

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