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In the third video of manifesting your ideal relationship and healing from hookups, I’m talking about intention setting. 

Let's set the scene...

So you finally meet a guy, he seems legit, so you go out on a date with him…

In that date, you have an amazing connection and you realize you really kinda like this guy.

A few drinks in, conversation is flowing, and he invites you back to his place 

What do you say? You don't want to appear disinterested, but you also don't just want to hookup- you want a REAL relationship this time around!


You must get clear about your intentions.

Take a moment during that date, and ask him what he is looking for in dating, and you can quickly gauge why he’s sitting in front of you.

Most people will be honest and say they aren’t ready for a relationship, they are just casually dating, or they just want to have fun.

If he says these things, and you are wanting a relationship (which if you're reading this far, you do!), kindly tell him that you are looking for a relationship so this probably won’t work out.

I think what happens with women who do want a relationship but are afraid to admit so, is we pretend we are cool with casually dating – hoping that maybe after a long term hookup it can turn into a relationship.

But the majority of hookups die. And if you really want a relationship, you are WORTH waiting for a guy who is in a place to give that to you.

I spent age 22-24 dating all the “fun” guys. I am naturally a person who gets attached when I date people- so I knew I couldn’t do the hookup culture.  I dated guys who just wanted to hookup and I kept wondering why I couldn’t manifest my ideal relationship.

So I changed my strategy. And that’s what you have to do if your current strategy isn’t working out like you’d hope.

After age 24, when I was meeting a guy for the first time, I was pretty intense. I would ask them what they are looking for in dating. If this turned a guy off, he definitely wasn’t the guy for me. And honestly, if this turns a guy off, it’s probably because he doesn’t know what he wants. And you don’t have time to mess around with that ish.

Mature men who are ready for relationships will be impressed by your confidence in establishing the intention of this date.

In fact, without my prompting, my husband told me on our first date that he absolutely didn’t want to hook up and was looking for a serious relationship. I was floored, because most of the guys I’d dated were just in for the “fun,” but here this guy exists who is owning his desire for real relationship and expressing that to me. How freaking sexy!

So dudes, if you’ve read this far too, when you express your intentions and know what you want, its really hot. Do more of that.

And womens, if you want a real relationship, TELL the guys you are dating that you want that. And their response will tell you everything.

In the next video, we are going to talk about only dating guys who are your “type” and why that could be sabotaging your efforts.

If you want to learn more about how to heal from the hookups and manifest your ideal relationship, download my free pdf which includes secret tools on catching the babe of your dreams for good.

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