For She Who Lies Awake

Integrate and transform the stories that burden you, together with those who share similar stories, on a weekend of community, group sessions, yoga, and walking on the beaches and canyons of beautiful Santa Barbara, California the weekend of April 13-15th, 2018.

This is a retreat for women - Women who have been struggling with the isolation that sexual assault, trauma, or violation inherently causes. Healing through meeting others in a non-shaming and non-judgmental way is essential to the recovery of one’s self-worth and sense of well being after these kinds of relational insults to injury.

What to Expect

Group Psychotherapy Sessions

Gentle Daily Yoga Opening Your Heart

Journaling and Quietude

Walks in the Canyon and Beach

Meaningful Connections

Your Retreat Leaders


Kristel S. Grodeska

Kristel is a LMFT Somatic Psychotherapist working in the Bay Area.  She comes from years of group work at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, has trained with Bill Say in Arnold Mindell’s Process Work model, and has a wealth of experience approaching healing and transformation with respect and appreciation of each individual’s innate capacity for restoration. Her work with women who have endured sexual assault, betrayal, manipulation and the intimate world of empowerment and healing have led her to believe in the importance of undoing the aloneness of these struggles through therapy and a healthy community. You can see more about her work on her website.


Allison Owen

Allison Owen is an engineer, writer, and life coach. At age 22, she was a victim of an acquaintance rape, which she tried to deny and ignore for years. In running from it, she found holes in her self-worth, which she tried to fill with external accomplishments. She finally came to a breaking point after achieving everything she set out to do, only to realize, success isn't what she's after- she wants fulfillment, love, ease, and happiness. So she looked inward and owned the story that had unconsciously defined her for years. In owning and vulnerably sharing her story, she began to heal. What happened to her became just that- a story- and no longer a testament to her worth. Now she teaches and coaches women to own their stories and step into lives of peace, love, fulfillment, and ease.

El Capitan Canyon

Nestled in the canyon of El Capitan, a 7 minute walk to the beach, the canyon provides natures essentials: a creek running through the grounds, surrounded by rolling hills, and an epic view of the coast. The market provides fresh food and wine for us to enjoy throughout the weekend. Beach cruisers are available free of charge, which we can use to head over to the pool or get a relaxing massage. We have booked a large private yurt for us to do our group sessions in as well as have planned walks and beach time scheduled in. To learn more about the retreat center, please visit their website.

Cabin Options

Canyon Bunk

The Canyon Bunk is the ultimate “sleep-over”; two sets of bunk beds that comfortably sleep four and a sleeping loft that can accommodate one adult. Each warm and comfortable bunk and loft is furnished with blankets and sheets as well as a in-cabin bathroom. All cabins have front porches, peak ceilings, are fully equipped with standard bathroom facilities, individual heating controls, fine linens and towels, kitchenettes with microwave, mini-fridge, wet bar sink and coffeemaker.


Adventure Yurt

The Adventure Yurt is a unique, free-standing accommodation with a round wooden platform, canvas walls with indoor lattice and a raised rooftop that includes a domed skylight allowing for easy stargazing from the comfort of your private accommodation. Furnishings inside the Adventure Yurt include one queen bed and one twin day bed with twin trundle. Electricity is provided inside the yurt and bathhouse amenities are located only steps away.


Creekside Queen

The Creekside Queen is furnished with a queen-size bed and a sleeping loft. The front porch has two chairs and faces the seasonal creek. All cabins have peak ceilings, are fully equipped with standard bathroom facilities, individual heating controls, fine linens and towels, kitchenettes with microwave, mini-fridge, wet bar sink and coffeemaker.


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